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 Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations   Rules & Regulations EmptyTue Oct 11, 2011 3:53 pm

These rules are subject to change by admin's only. The rule itself will not change, it may however be deleted and a new numbered rule may take its place.Rules without punishments attached to them will be dealt with as a warning. If you break the SAME rule twice you will be banned for 48 hours. If you break the same rule 3 times you will permanently IP banned

1. No God-modding, meaning you are perfect in every way, if you're not a canon character with that kind of category, you will get a warning, if you do it again, there will be no warnings next time.
2. Members who are not online for a week, will be given a warning.
3. any actions preformed by anyone can be argued by anyone
4. Nothing having to deal with racism, flaming, etc, will not be tolerated, you'll only get one warning.
5. avatars can be anything as long as it's nothing sexual or worse. Also no porn pictures in the C-box.Break this rule and you will be IP banned. The punishment is not ours but's, the site provider
6. Disrespect towards admins and moderators will not be tolerated. Doing so will result in a temporary ban depending on the intensity of the situation.

7. User-names must be of the character you're playing.
8. Any member can post in the registration, but only staff can approve characters. Cross-overs are allowed.
9. Keep characters 15 or older, we don't need to see a 15-16 year old getting torn apart or even in the least trying to do something they shoudn't..
12. OC's must be played as they are described, nothing new added in unless the staff knows about it.
13. Can't do 100 actions in one post, so don't do it.
14. Be logically, you can't be everywhere at once
15. Leave a notice if you're leaving for a few days.
16. No Mary or Gary Stu's, no one is perfect not even the wretched egg.
17. You can make your own groups, they must fit in the storyline, and you must have at least 4-5 active people.
18. Once your character is approved keep to your character's personality that you gave them. If you say your character is shy and then keep him/her that way.

Posting Rules
19. for the sake of others, please write in third person
20. your post can contain: words, thoughts, and actions by the character. Just as long as your thoughts and speech is separated.
21. Use proper english!
22. you may place where you came from and where you're going in the post. example: -------------> Europe, Area: Europe: --------------> from America.
23. You must have at least 4-5 sentences in your post.
24. Do not create topics you have no intention of replying to.
25. Create topics in their appropriate area.
26. Keep to your character's personality
27. You must reply to (or acknowledge) a person's appearance in a topic within two or your own posts
28. This site is rated 18 A meaning your allowed to post blood and gore, as well as swears. If you are going to make a sexual thread then please state so in the thread by putting (Thread title) = XXX. Also every post that has something sexual in the thread must be covered by a spoiler.
29. No Auto-hits. An auto hit is defined as a hit made inside the same post as the act of striking

Advertising Rules
1. if you're going to advertise on our site, please make sure you place our ad on your site. It be great to have more members^^
2. There is an advertising section and you can place as many advertisement as you want.
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Rules & Regulations
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