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 Roukostu Belle Wolffang

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Roukostu Wolffang
Roukostu Belle Wolffang 1282988512563980
"My old life is over, but I'm reborn as the messenger of death--I'm known as Raven....."

Basic Information:

Name: Roukostu Belle Wolffang
Nickname: Rou, Belle, Raven
Age: 28 yrs old
Date of Birth: March 16
Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Old: bass guitarist/singer, adoptive daughter of Yakuza (making her a Yakuza Princess). Present: Deadman.

Personality & Appearance:

Personality: Even though Roukostu doesn't act like it, she has an IQ of 200, she loves her family very much, and wouldn't do anything to put them in danger or herself for that matter, but if anyone was to ever try to hurt her family, she has no kindness to whoever does it. Roukostu is very upbeat to those who she makes friends with, she also loves to play around, but she is considered to be one of the loyal friends that anyone could have, she sometimes hides her weakness to make sure no one see how she truly feels, she finds it as though it would cause them trouble.

Roukostu will sometimes hide her feelings from a boy who she would fall in love with, but that doesn't stop her from showing her feeling by making little gifts for them. Roukostu also loves to make food and anything else for her friends and family. Roukostu by all means is a terrible liar.....she is unable to lie to to people, so she just sticks with the truth, even though it may be the harsh truth, she's always the kind of girl you want to go with as a friend or someone that will always tell you how it is.

Roukostu loses her temper if she is ever hit in the face, she hates it to the extreme, especially if they draw blood, but what's very interesting about her temperament to blood is that she cannot stand the site of it, she goes into shock every time she sees her blood or someone else's. However, due to the ability she has and her temperment--she's is mostly seen with a mask on her face and her hands and arms are bound tightly around her.

Appearance: Roukostu has short and spiky blood red hair, she is at the height of 5'9 and weighs about 132 lbs and health athletic weight for her to have. As many can notice she is actually taller than some women she meets--and is sometimes mistaken to be a man from behind. She has blood red eyes and unnatural tank skin--due to the fact that she tans a lot and sometimes maintains that tan skin even through winter. Due to her always being in the sun too much--she's quite use to heat of 90 degrees, but can't stand any heat that is over 100 or even close to 100 degree weather. Her bust is about 27.9 cm, while she sports an athletic hour glass figure.

She also has different tattoos as well:
-right shoulder: Silver Wolf howling
-left shoulder: Bengal Tiger
-right thigh: White Serpent
-left thigh:Red Fox
-upper back: Phoenix
-lower back: Amor Vincit Omnia (it means Love Conquers All.)

-full-fingered claw ring on the middle finger of her right hand.
-heart shaped locket necklace, a picture of her parents are inside, but the there is one empty space near her heart.
-prescription orange shaded sunglasses
-regular glasses (poor eyesight) almost completely blind without them.
-leather jacket
-heeled biker boots
-three piercings: two separately wired feathers on right ear, one is higher than the other, and a black stud skull earring on left ear..

Branch of Sin:

Name of Sin: Raven Claw
Range: Self-Close
Description: She draws blood using her sharpened nails at the fingertips of each finger. When so it turns into a sharpish and blood looking claw around her nails and fingers--they are able to cut through steel, and are used well in close quarters combat.
Drawbacks: Even though it does not seem like this attack can't be easily broken--in truth it can. After taking many hits--about 2-3 hits it shatters and cannot be used it that attacks keeps going, forcing her to take the defensive.

Name of Sin: Raven's Revenge
Range: Medium-Long
Description: A blood ability that makes a person look like a raven in hands, legs/feet, and placing a peak upon the user's mouth area. With this ability their speed is increased along with the force the ability might have due to the effect on speed.
Drawbacks: She uses this ability as a finisher for a reason--mostly because of using this ability--she is unable to stand let alone defend herself from anyone that tries to kill or attack her.

History & Rp Sample:

History: Born March 16. She was born into a rich and loving family--she lived a silent and quite life. However, that never lasted long after her youngest brother was born--it is still unknown what happened for this to happen, or why anyone would go as far as to in attacking a family like this.

It was only a year after Issica was born when they were attacked by complete strangers. The only ones that were lucky enough to be alive were Roukostu and her twin brother Seth--who had been hidden by their older siblings away from all the violence, and even death. Roukostu has been locking herself away from other since then, and even after they were adopted by the age of 7.

Always she had been protected by Seth since they were just children, by the age of 10--they went through the Great Tokyo Earthquake. It was then that Seth had gone missing, and Roukostu had gotten her branch of sin unknowingly.

At the age of 18, her brance of sin became active when she used it on her closest friend since Seth dissapeared. She was beginning her life on her own as a bass guitarist and singer of a local band--along with her closest friend being a manager for the group. Adrian Levi had been there since her close encounter of death with the Earthquake--Adrian didn't come to Tokyo until Roukostu was 15, as he came from Mexico in the United States.

Roukostu and him were in the sound room one day talking about when their next gig would be, Adrian wanted to make their relationship a bit closer than usual--Roukostu wasn't too happy with this as she explained before why she did not. When Adrian asked why he had unknowningly scared her as he shook her shoulders violently asking for the answer, and before she even knew it--she felt warmth on her face.

She was placed on death row after she had been accused of murder of Adrian Levi. However, she never believed she did so--or maybe she did, even before she looked what caused the wound--she had blacked out. Then found herself being arrested an hour later of her being blacked out. Roukostu--ever since that incident has considered anyone in the G-Ward her friend, and possibly never will.
Rp Sample: (post from another site)
Roukostu leaned quietly against the pillar looking out to the sea ahead of her, and she smelled the fresh air combined with the scent of the water, "nothing better than having the sun and water near...." She moved forward, but not too far away from the entrance of the corridor to her work study in case of an emergency, then she looked at the herbs that were drying over her head, and picked one of them. "Just like anything...basil can be used for many different things for medicines--evening giving people good dreams is what is sometimes seen with it...."

She pated the herb as though it was talking back to her, "tell me young and beautiful basil...what and who will you be used for today?" She looked at it with impaired eyes, looking silent and uncaring as to who would get it as long as they had treated the herb right--if not, then it would be their problem as to what happens next for them. "If you are properly used--then you could make a good protection item for anyone...."

A tall and slick girl came from inside just then, her voice was energetic as she spoke rapidly to Roukostu, "big sis, Rone wanted to talk to you! He's in his office as always waiting for you to come in!" She ran after another person--a boy--who looked almost like her in every way, but not truly, Roukostu smiled as she watched them run off, but it smoothed out as a frown yet again, "time for work I suppose..." she said placing the basil down, and going inside to see what her boss wanted.[/center] Roukostu entered the building watching each of her siblings either helping out by placing dried herbs into her waiting desk for a patience that would be in need for it or by playing with each other in joking around or running after one another. The youngest bumped into her, Issica's eyes grew big as he looked up to her, but it faded into a smile, "morning big sis--another work for you to do for Mr. Rone?" he asked.

Roukostu looked at Issica for a moment with her frown fading to a smile as she answered,
"yes, unfortunately I have to go and see what it is that Rone needs from me this time..." she answered him quietly, she moved past him, and was stopped by his hand grabbing hers, "why are you like that? You always smile to us, but when it comes to the others...they say that you scare them sometimes--they even called you a machine sometimes, except you always act kind and gentle to us like mother did....." Roukostu stared down at him for a moment--feeling guilty? She never had that feeling before, but she could see why, she didn't want to just lie to his face--she'd knew better than to lie to this child--to her brother.

She moved closer down to him touching his cheek, "because--they are not my family--so I will never let them harm or touch any of you...I want nothing to keep us apart ever you understand me? I don't care what it is that Rone does, but I will do anything for him as long as it keeps us all together..... Understand?" she asked him when he looked up at her, and he did by nodding silently, one of her other brothers--Theodore came up to her taking Issica's hand, "have a good day at work big sister--I'll make sure to keep them out of trouble--especially Seth and him wanting to go out and start fights with anyone."

Roukostu nodded as she went back to walking away from her family--whom were now staring at her when she was walking away from them--they could actually tell that she acted differently to them than anyone else, and she never saw it..... Then again it could always be blamed on the guards on this island--their fear gets the better than them, if she herself had a fear--she didn't know it--no that wasn't true---she did in fact know what her fear was, losing my family...I don't want them to be separated...I want them to always be near each other--it's what mother and father would want...I know it, and if I'm shunned for it--so be it...I have no use for those that will let themselves show fear amongst my family--I can't and will not.....

As she made a final turn before entering Rone's room she had already encountered one of the guards, his body a bit shaky from bumping into her and then apologizing multiple times before running off in a different direction than his implied orders, and Roukostu huffed in completely annoyance now when no one had looked, "foolish guard--just because I don't like too many people doesn't mean I'll bite his head off--though--I could see why he would think that....."
She thought about it for a moment before going, instead of letting the emotion show--she completely masked her mixed feelings when she looked at the man that decided her family's future, and for that she wouldn't let him see a weakness to stab into her, to be honest she wouldn't let anyone see it and would keep it like that for all eternity if she had too. She wouldn't show fear--or mercy-nothing--as long as it was her family that is with her--she won't let anything or anyone destroy the only thing that kept them together....
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Roukostu Belle Wolffang
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