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 Deadmen Rules

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PostSubject: Deadmen Rules   Deadmen Rules EmptyFri Oct 14, 2011 4:42 pm

Every Deadmen are subjected to these sets of rules--if these rules are broken in anyway, then we cannot grauntee your safety here at Deadman Wonderland.

1. there will be a fight arrange every week between two Deadmen, how this will be done is by poll amoung the staff. If you're unlucky enough to be chosen, then please be sure you're ready to do battle.
2. Just like any prisoner, you'll be given "candy", this "candy" is actually an antidote for the poison that was injected into you.
3. When a fight is won, the winner is given a "candy", and 600 CP.
4. Any new Deadmen is given their own room along with a complimentary "candy", and 500 CP Card.
5. If you lose a fight to another Deadmen--you will go through the loser's punishment.
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Deadmen Rules
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