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 DMWL Security Detail Rules

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DMWL Security Detail Rules Empty
PostSubject: DMWL Security Detail Rules   DMWL Security Detail Rules EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 3:21 pm

Just like the Deadmen, all those that work for the Security of Deadman Wonderland are abided by these rules.

1. G-Ward will have guards stationed 24/7--every hour the guard are shifted.
2. There is no rule about abuse to prisoners.
3.It is typical if a guard were to take CP from prisoners.
4. Report any problems with prisoners to the head of the guard.
5. All guards are given 800 CP when they first come to DMWL.

Note: Even if a guard has some freedom to do what they want to prisoners, doesn't mean that a prisoner can't fight back--that especially goes for Deadmen. They might not be able to use their Branch of Sin, but they can use their fists to fend off anyone that tries to do harm or steal from them.
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DMWL Security Detail Rules
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