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 Deadman Wondelrland ~DMWL~

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PostSubject: Deadman Wondelrland ~DMWL~   Deadman Wondelrland ~DMWL~ EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 3:37 pm

A maxium security prison created a year after the Great Tokyo Earthquake. Even though it is a prison--it also acts as an amusement part in which people from the outside come to enjoy the rides, and unknowingly the death that befalls here. Mostly the activities done by the prisoners can be dangerous and even take their lives, but just like any tourist--they never realize that everything in DMWL is actually real, and they never question it.

What many people--not even some guards or prisoners realize is that there is more to the prison that meets the eye--this of course is known to few that pay to see it--Corpse Carnival. Here is where many of those called Deadman are foced no matter if they were friend or foe to do battle. They fight (even killed), not only that--they are even bet upon who will win by those that pay to see.

Note: Deadmen are known to fight anywhere for private showing. Mostly away from the public.
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Deadman Wondelrland ~DMWL~
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