An Rpg forum in which you can create a branch of sin user. Will you survive? Or just end up as another body. You're choice.....
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 Branch of Sin

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PostSubject: Branch of Sin   Branch of Sin EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 3:52 pm

This is an ability that many of those gotten mysterously after the incident in Tokyo. This ability uses the blood of the user in order to make stable weapons againsts others, each is unique in thier own way, while also creating different effects on the user or anyone/anything around them.

1. Ganta; Ganta Gun: a branch of sin that takes the form of a bullet-like blood--it shoots in a straight line. Because of this ability--it has given the person the nickname "Woodpecker."
2. Senji; Crow Claw: A branch of sin that takes the form of blades along the forearms--which at times become bigger. Because of this ability the person was given the nickname "Crow."
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Branch of Sin
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