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 Anitdote Candies

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PostSubject: Anitdote Candies   Anitdote Candies EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 3:38 pm

One of the strangest things in Deadman Wonderland (DWML), but it is something most crucial in order to survive here. It has been passed legally that all prisoners are placed with neck collars that in return inject poison into the person's system. The only way to combat the poison is by either paying for the Anitdote Candy or by winning it in a deadmen competition.

Note: The candy anitdote tastes horrible, and if you do not take within 3 days, you're nervous system will shut down and you die of a horrible--painful death.

Note: The Candy is one of the most expensive things here in Corpse Carnival. It's best if you save enough money in order to get it.
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Anitdote Candies
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