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 Loser's Punishment

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PostSubject: Loser's Punishment   Loser's Punishment EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 3:45 pm

This is something that many deadmen don't wish to go through--when a deadmen loses a fight to another deadmen--they will be subjected, and forced to go through the "Loser's Punishment." The Loser's Punishment is a giant slot machine that spins and randomly picks a punishment that the deadmen goes through.

Their punishment chooses a body part (nothing major), and is used for experimentation. Deadmen's are given a choice to either have a setative or not. Not only that, but other deadmen watch this by their choice.

Many things you see taken:

  • eyes
  • fingers
  • ears
  • tongue
  • voicebox

And other things that aren't quites as major will be taken as well.....
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Loser's Punishment
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